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4’x4′ Guerrilla Wall Sign (Patent Pending)

The Guerrilla Wall Sign (GWS) is a patent pending metal frame that holds the original 4’x4′ Guerrilla Banner on any wall or surface. The frame itself mounts to the surface using 2 pins/anchors, and the banners attach to the GSW using 4 pins, 1 in each corner. The GSW is designed to give the impression that the banner is floating in front of the wall or building about 4″ inches.

In order to change out the banner, one only needs to be able to reach a bottom corner of the banner; by removing the banner pin at this bottom corner, the banner and frame can be lowered to arms reach for changing out. Thus, the bottom of the Guerrilla Wall Sign can be at arms reach above your head, resulting in about a 10′ foot tall sign that you don’t need any tools or ladders to change out. Talk about Guerrilla Marketing!!!


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